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Isaac's student span a wide spectrum, welcoming everyone from complete beginners seeking to embark on their breathwork journey to corporate professionals yearning to reduce stress and enhance focus in the demanding world of business. Additionally, he extends his expertise to athletes, aiding them in optimizing their sports performance through the mastery of breath. His inclusive and adaptable approach ensures that individuals from various walks of life can tap into the profound benefits of breathwork, concentration, and posture, empowering them to excel in their respective domains while embracing a healthier, happier, and more balanced existence.



Certified Yoga Therapist

- Reduces stress and anxiety

- Sharpens focus and concentration

- Alleviates physical discomfort

- Eases emotional tension

- Boosts mental well-being

- Enhances physical health

- Holistic health approach

- Accessible and evidence-based


Certified by Atmavikasa, the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance.

- Enhances flexibility and strength

- Promotes relaxation and stress relief

- Boosts mental clarity and focus

- Improves posture and balance

- Supports overall physical well-being

- Cultivates mindfulness and self-awareness

- Fosters a sense of inner calm

- Enhances overall health and vitality


Certification as a Wim Hof instructor

- Triggers thermogenesis and endorphin release

- Increases metabolism

- Improves circulation

- Enhances immune function

- Boosts mental resilience

- Reduces inflammation

- Promotes better sleep

- Builds resilience against stressors


Certified with Oxygen Advantage

- Optimizes respiratory function

- Scientifically supported method

- Supports efficient nasal breathing

- Maintains ideal carbon dioxide-oxygen balance

- Reduces respiratory symptoms, especially in asthma

- Enhances overall respiratory health

- Promotes improved vitality and wellness

- Facilitates controlled, calm breathing for enhanced focus  & a tranquil mind


Certified by the British Wheel of Yoga & Yoga Alliance

Isaac, with over 25 years of teaching experience, shapes yoga instructors' growth. His continuing education courses, aligned with Yoga Alliance standards, cover core elements: Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Yoga Philosophy. 
These courses, online and in-person, delve deep into diverse yoga techniques, effective teaching, body understanding, and philosophy. Isaac's unique approach fosters collective inquiry and empowers teachers to meet stringent requirements, gaining expertise and certification through the Yoga Alliance.

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Graduate of SOAS University with a 1st class honours in the Study of Religion

Isaac's philosophy on yoga emanates from a deep commitment to empowering students with critical thinking tools, fostering their autonomy in philosophical inquiry. With an impressive academic background, including a first-class honours degree in Sanskrit, yoga philosophy, and religious studies, his profound understanding of yoga's intricate philosophical aspects is complemented by his dedication to cultivating independent thinkers. In contrast to the misconception of yoga as a practice focused on the mind's annihilation, Isaac champions it as a pathway to refine the mind's critical faculties. His teachings encourage practitioners to embark on a journey of self-discovery through introspection, thoughtful inquiry, and the nurturing of discernment. By fostering critical thinking within the framework of this ancient practice, Isaac empowers students to explore yoga philosophy and uncover profound truths on their individual transformative journeys.

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